Black Friday : TEMO strikes back
Going against the tide of the Black Friday incentives to over-consume,
TEMO is firmly committed to greener boating.

Dive into the world of sustainable boating, where adventure goes hand in
hand with respect for the environment.

At TEMO, Black Friday isn’t about buying more, it’s about choosing better.
Our Black Friday offer is simple and meaningful.
The TEMO·450 Carbon embodies our commitment to
quality, durability and
innovation. We pay particular attention to the components we use, which
allows us to
guarantee the TEMO·450 Carbon for 5 years. That’s our vision
of Black Friday!

When you choose this motor, you’ll enjoy the peace of quiet cruising,
emissions-free electric power, and the satisfaction of helping to preserve our
seas and rivers.

Discover the TEMO·450 Carbon

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TEMO·450 won the IBEX Innovation Award and is now the most rewarded product in the nautical industry
Vannes, 11/10/2023